Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who is Steve Job's Muse?

As I watched Steve Jobs' keynote presentation launching the new Apple Tablet iPad, I was delighted at how excited he was about his new project. Pure passion. This was a man proud of what he was presenting and it was a soft sale. Look at how easy it is to use. Here was our goal and how we accomplished it. Bing. Showing his roots back in 1976, playing Grateful Dead and Dylan tunes off the iTunes Store, and letting us know how it's grown into a multi-billion dollar business, the largest mobile service provider in the world. If he can do, can we do it? What does he know that we don't know?

He may be the visionary and he also knows who to put on his team. People like Scott Forstall and Phil Schiller, who spoke with the same calm excitement and knowingness that Steve Jobs did. They explained what the App Store and iWorks could do in simple terms so anyone could get it. There were game developers, Mark Hickey from Gameloft, Travis Boatman from EA and Chad Evans from, showing the improvements on the larger screen.There was a presentation of Brushes, an iPad drawing app, by Steve Sprang, that opened a new creative world. The best is yet to come. Even the NY Times developers were there to give us a glimpse of digital journalism to come. Will it help the newspaper industry? Let's hope so. Developers can go to and download SDK to build apps right now. What great potential in this field.

The newest addition to their iTunes and App Store is iBooks with bookshelves and a secret door. Who thought of that? What a fun idea!

I love this new Apple iPad and I can't wait for it to ship. It's just what I've been wanting. That and the feeling that there is so much out there yet to be discovered and experienced.

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